Monday, May 24, 2010

Officially Unchallenged

In my latest Public Records Act request I tried to measure the "size of the spill" when it comes to the Board of Supervisors concern for homeless families. After a good deal of banter about 849 "high-threshold, sub-population restricted beds" I began to suspect that available might not mean funded.

Knowing that the federal government provides the money for the Cold Weather shelter (the Armories) and knowing that marriage license surcharges fund domestic violence shelters, it seemed fair to ask what the County does for the homeless, since that's the level of government charged with the responsibility!

It is clear from the answers disclosed by Kelly Lupro, Director of Homeless Prevention that our Supervisors do nothing for the homeless aside from taking credit for the Armory and Domestic Violence funds, both of which are raised elsewhere. I told Ms. Lupro I could see not one County penny even for homeless toddlers until December 2010.

On May 6, I told Ms. Lupro, "Unless you refute this assertion, I will insert it as "officially unchallenged" into all my public statements and appearances. As a Director, you represent the Board, and I will be making this accusation at their electoral and public appearances, citing, or course, this email. If there is a source of funding for emergency beds for homeless children, please consider that question a public records request."

I'm posting this because there has been no such refutation. There has been no refutation because the fifth richest County in the nation has decided to keep every penny, regardless of how little it might cost to shield a child from harm, and us from Censure. I don't know how much shame I decided to feel, but indignation comes easy.

I trust that a number of voters will likewise let their indignation decide against the incumbents.

When the SOP is double speak and the reality is so singularly evil, there's no way these bums deserve a third strike. Please join me in voting them out.

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