Friday, October 26, 2012

Into Harm's Way

About a month ago, I watched the SAPD stop a woman in front of our house.  He was busy on his radio, and she was removing the third clear trash bag full of cans from the back seat while she balanced her toddler on her hip.  Soon the tow truck arrived, and I watched her abandon the cans in favor of the car seat as she carried her child toward the bus stop.  Without a license or insurance she’ll never see her car again.  It could have been much worse.

Had she been deported, after a legal wrangle, she could well have ended up in Tamulipas, the US' current favorite destination.  As bad as things are in Mexico, they are much worse in Tamulipas State.  From Stratfor:  In the past few months, Tamaulipas state experienced a sharp increase in homicides -- from 87 reported in August to 128 in September, according to Mexico's Executive Secretariat of the National System of Public Security. Military operations often lead to violence in Tamaulipas state, but the state is also experiencing a turf war involving Los Zetas, the Gulf cartel and a Los Zetas splinter group led by Ivan "El Taliban" Velazquez Caballero until his recent arrest. These dynamics are likely behind the state's reported increase in violence.

The LA Times reports that deportees arriving in Tamulipas are often searched for phone numbers with US area codes.  Such discoveries often occasion “secuestros” or kidnappings in which deportees are held until US relatives pay a ransom.  Since an obvious ploy is to transpose the area code for a Mexican one, the ploy doesn’t work, and a deportees only recourse is often to pay protection, just to leave the bus station in safety.  What happens to women in such circumstances in unthinkable.

We have often participated in discussions and movements to counter the traffic leading to involuntary sex slavery.

It’s a tragedy that an uncounted majority of such crimes are engendered at the service of saving American tax dollars and serving American domestic policy.  Sending waiters, mechanics and homemakers into harm’s way because we’re done with them is the most vile shortcoming of our Bishop’s political agenda.

We have consistently demonstrated a willingness to spend millions in order to determine how and with whom Protestants conduct marriage ceremonies.  I remind you there has never been a “gay” Catholic marriage.

What we have, however, is a virtually unbroken silence when our co-religionists are delivered into the hands of kidnappers and rapists and murderers.

Help me implore the California Bishops to ask the INS to explain why so many Catholics are being sent into harms way.  Begin with your Pastor.


  1. Well, we know why L & D don't we? That the Bishops like many of our friends in "Faith", use their C/church as a tool to acquire things of this earth,those which are Caesar's.Just some big MLM,ice cream social club. Who use their Christianity to veil their irrevocable thirst not for eternal sacred bliss, but for the profane.Is it any wonder they're termed "aliens", so easy to dispossess oneself of a moral duty to their fellow humans when they've butchered the humanity right out of their identity. Is this not the same ploy the Church pulls in regards to the many LGBT that they've dispossed of their humanity too. That they're unnatural and not of the order, disordered, unnatural, deprived of their roots to Creation, therefore they can be brushed away from the bosom of the church like flies? Well, should we be surprise? It's not as if our Diocesan priests are,"religous" from an order and take solemn vows. Barely simple vows and get all the benefits of immersion in society without the responsibilities and expectations for adding the productivity of the "tribe". Ok, there are many good intentioned diocesan priests but lets be realistic. Thank you plunderous, crusading inhumane hypocrites. Heil Constantine,Hitler??? for giving us a plunderous Church of the Empire(& be careful where you tread cause the "Empire(will)Strike Back") No wonder the Church readily supported the Nazi's in their ascent to power and were complicit in so many of their crimes. Just flies.

  2. & wait, don't let me forget that in spite of the group politik of the Church's constituency that tends towards the economics of just create more pie when you need more pie theory. The "board" is at least wise and feeble enough to know how hard tangible resources are to come by, as the Diocese's don't actually produce things.They realize they're at the mercy of producers and such things are finite. So why share with such unmentionables as these "flies"?