Friday, March 15, 2013

Has God been fair to us?

If you can, remember a time when you compared your situation with people in a similar ministry.  I you're like Leia and me, and you've worked years in a rich diocese, these people are poorer, and work harder in worse circumstances.  

For a brief moment you wonder whether you could hack it there with them.  And then you retreat a bit, and admit you're glad you aren't beset with such poor circumstances, that you're glad your ministry is rich and we don't have to work quite so hard…like when I thanked God for not making me a Calcutta Catholic Worker

That was God making me an offer I refused.
And if upon understanding this analysis, you are rewarded with a wave of dread, calm yourself.
That is you asking honestly to again be considered.

You see, it is possible that the Hindus are right, they just have Reincarnation's direction reversed.  It is the people who do more with less who will be most in demand.  Who will be asked to travel poorward.

The world of the tomorrow will have less air, less money, more pain, more heat, less hope.

There is a paradoxical name for people who not only bear up under trying circumstances, but then in helping others make their own circumstances even more trying: meek.

At some point you may be asked to forego resources needed to accomplish some salvific task.
Having been so educated by God's dread you will turn over those resources to another: A better placed, better prepared compatriot, in a poorer place.

And then, like an Inuit grandparent placed upon the ice floe with only a few days' provisions,
you will inherit the Earth.

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